Welcome to VillaTech Consulting, LLC

At VillaTech Consulting, we provide Computer Technology Services for you and your business. VillaTech Consulting can assist with pc problems, with the setup of a small or home office and with expansion of your office Internet, Intranet and voice communications services.

With over 20 years of experience, VillaTech Consulting can assist with your infrastructure decisions. VillaTech has experience with computer support, telephone infrastructure, Internet and data connectivity options. Want to access your computer files away from home or office? VillaTech can assist with Virtual Private Network (VPN) options or simply an Internet depository were you can access your files from virtually anywhere.

VillaTech is not a retailer, nor a reseller of services. Therefore VillaTech is not bias to a brand or a manufacturer. VillaTech Consulting's goal is to assist you, to obtain the best products or services that are both cost effective and reliable.

What do we do?